Masturbating with a Penis

Masturbating with a Penis

Time to spice things up!

You don’t drive a horse and carriage. You’re not reading this on a clay tablet. Do you still masturbate with just your hands? We’ve got a lot of catching up to do on masturbation aids. While purpose-built devices for vulva masturbation predate the first artificial vagina by roughly 26,000 years, the last few decades have seen many advancements in masturbation aids for men. Yes, I know our anatomy makes it really convenient to just take your dominant hand and go to town. It’s expedient, it’s effective, I get it. That’s why I led with some quality of life changes we’ve made throughout history. Our legs were good enough to cross the land, but we built roads, rails, cars, and locomotives anyway. So why ignore options for making masturbating a better experience now that they exist? Let’s take a look at some of the amazing options provided for male masturbation today!

Add some lube!

Let’s start with lube and how you should always keep some of that on hand (literally even!). This is one of those ‘good enough isn’t great’ situations I was talking about earlier. Generally foreskin, even circumcised, and some basic hygiene will prevent outright chafing but are you really going to just stop at simply not chafing? Lubricant is easily one of the simplest and most effective ways to have a better time. Forget about simply not being uncomfortable, think more about enjoying it from the start! Check out self lubing toys

Watch your speed… Add a masturbator!

Watch your speed. Racing to the finish is fine if you’re just trying to relieve some tension or stress, which can become a huge distraction if you’re trying to be otherwise productive but just because it’s a good idea for those situations doesn’t mean you have to do it that way every time. It’s an easy habit to form for sure. This is the kind of situation we frequently found ourselves in as teenagers and young people. I have homework to do and need to stop thinking about this crush. I’m distracted and have to make a big life decision. Post-nut clarity is real and hits early! However, there are other kinds of work to get done. We can build sexual stamina and get better control of our aroused state of mind by edging too.

Did you know that masturbators are good for handling both tasks? Modern masturbators come in many varieties and can bemasturbators tailored to what you prefer visually and for what sensations you like. Whether you’re edging or going for a quickie, those features enhance the experience in ways your hands cannot. Keep in mind that edging also helps your stamina with a partner.

 A good masturbator also makes cleanup easier and more predictable, something I know you know your hand isn’t good at. We’ve all had a hand-based accident that required some emergency clean-up. With a good close-ended masturbator there’s never any accidents or soiled textiles. It is safe to touch doorknobs or faucet handles afterward and doesn’t come with the extra laundry or the deceptively high cost of condom-per-wank. 

Anal Play!

If you are looking for ways to raise the intensity of masturbating significantly, you may want to look into products designed to stimulate your prostate. If you didn’t know, putting pressure on the prostate can dramatically raise the intensity of orgasms. The best way to accomplish this is anally but that’s quite a reach when you’re also busy with the front. Prostate massagers, wands, plugs, and vibrators make this process far more comfortable. 



High Tech Masturbators

high tech masturbatorHigh-tech masturbators can change how you masturbate on a functional level. I mean, the materials and polymer science were already high-tech, it’s just not very exciting high-tech. Some products however actually aim to solve some pesky 21st-century masturbating issues.  I am a visual creature, like many men before me, and the age of internet pornography and efficient video compression is something I take advantage of quite a bit. If you’ve also taken advantage, which is highly likely, you too have done the internet porn juggling act. Keeping a dry hand while browsing through a porn site, using your keyboard, your mouse, your lube, and managing not to kill the mood or make a hard to clean-up mess is actually quite the feat. I’ve worked many hours in laptop repair, I can say tell you most of you don’t accomplish that goal with regularity, I see under those keyboards. There are masturbators that auto-stroke, have mounting hardware, or both, allowing you to go 100% hands-free. and You will never have to do the porn juggle ever again if you pick one up!


Let’s recap. You can masturbate more cleanly, have more intensity, build stamina, have quicker quickies, and experience greater comfort by taking advantage of these tools. I haven’t covered everything out there, that would be far beyond the scope of this guide, but I have illustrated that dramatic improvements in your masturbation routine are well within reach. It’s up to you to take advantage! 


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