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Dark and Darker: How to revive and heal

It's dangerous to go al- oh, you're already dead

How to revive and heal in Dark and Darker are essential to surviving long enough to get out with your loot.

Dark and Darker leaves you to figure out pretty much everything on your own, which is particularly troublesome for revival.

Bringing an ally back to life involves a lengthy and dangerous process, including retrieving an item you probably didn’t know how to get to begin with.

How to revive in Dark and Darker

Unless you’re a Cleric, you only have one way to revive in Dark and Darker. You need a Soul Heart, which is your dead teammate’s lingering essence, and an Altar of Revival. A Soul Heart appears after your ally dies. You need to remove their armor first, and then you’ll see a glowing blue heart. Grab it, but make sure you keep their armor handy as well. They’ll need it later, if you successfully revive them.

Find an Altar of Sacrifice. These are long slabs of grey stone with a glowing white energy orb in the center. Put the Soul Heart in one of your equipment slots, face the altar, and use the Heart. It takes 20 seconds for the revival process to complete, so make sure you’ve either got someone to cover you while you work or check for enemies before getting started.

Your ally will spring back to life completely nude and with only 15 percent of their HP. Give them back their armor and a healing potion if you’ve got one on hand.

Clerics have a revival spell they can use so long as the deaded person in question still has their Soul Heart intact. It takes a lot of knowledge points, though, so it’s best to use it only when necessary or if your Cleric is built up quite a bit.

How to heal in Dark and Darker

Reviving is a pain, but you have several ways to heal yourself and avoid dying to begin with. Bandages and healing potions are the standard ways you can recover HP. You can buy bandages off the surgeon before entering a dungeon, assuming you have the cash for it. Healing potions sometimes drop from enemies or other players, or you may find them as loot drops in chests and elsewhere in dungeons. Alchemists also sell potions that regenerate health over time.

Clerics have a basic healing spell that doesn’t take too much knowledge to cast, though it does take time. You may also get lucky and find a shrine of healing, a green stone altar of sorts with a statue in the center and a glowing ball of green energy. Interact with these to heal yourself completely.

If you're after more help in Dark and Darker, brush up on how to cast spells so your wizards and clerics have a fighting chance to reach the extraction point before it's too late.

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